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Data driven social statements that have strong context.

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Project summary

We wanted to produce a clean media resource library of inspirational quotes, but we didn’t want it to look like a hodge podge of ideas.  

We needed one or two designs with a lot of room to make them both unique in content and clean and consistent in appearance.  Never boring!


The Strategy

We use a database of quotes, built in FileMaker and this group of quotes allows us to review content, such as media we have in our libraries, for a content match. 

We use efficient tools to match content and output this information to .CSV files, which are integrated into a beautiful illustrator document that is set up for variables. 

Batch output allows us to run through and create hundreds of options in record time. 

  • FileMaker to hold data.
  • Create Illustrator Designs.
  • Determine Fields Needed.
  • Streamlining CSV Data Set.
  • Export Files and review.


Proven Results

The media is uploaded and we provide ongoing assessment.  

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