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Giving Hand

We re-mixed an informational website from the ground up.

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Project summary

Giving Hand existed as a website whose purpose was dedicated to helping others determine which charities they should invest in. It needed a major overhaul. 

The site does not take money or make a profit from its informational service. 

The Strategy

This website was built to provide simple and clear communication of a very small, highly personalized set of curated data. 

We chose Divi for this due to the amount of content is rather limited now, with potential growth. 

The design of the site was to reflect the gentle nature of mankind’s love for each other and animals. Kindness and compassion are characteristics we kept in mind while building the site. 

We created checklists and other tools to help educate people on the process of selecting and investing in charities.

  • Analysis of needs.
  • Analysis of other sites like this one.
  • Streamline information.
  • Streamlining site navigation.
  • Clean, modern interface built around informative approach.


Device Independent Design

Architecture and Scripting, UXI


Logo re-structure and photo digital illustrations

Informative Driven

Content over Design

Graphical User Interfaces for Web

Website UXI development

Proven Results

The site is running and we provide ongoing maintenance.