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STC Logistics

We built a companion, AKA
divisional website

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Project summary

STC Logistics is a division of Avrio Logistics, and as such needed its flair but also to remain grounded in the design sense of Avrio’s main website. New designs were required while keeping a sense of the fuller picture of all division.

The Strategy

This website was built for being a connected entity to the other divisional websites while standing on its own.

To accomplish this, we used elements from and devised a newly branded division. 

The logo was designed by another firm, it was required that we take the source of the logo and re-create it in more modern applications so we could create alternative versions with transparencies.

We did research and development on current logistics and supply chain management trends.

  • Analysis of needs.
  • Analysis of competition.
  • Streamline information.
  • Streamlining site navigation.
  • Clean, modern interface built around informative approach.


Proven Results

The site is running and we provide ongoing maintenance.  

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