CASE STUDY: Avrio Logistics

Avrio Logistics

Avrio Logistics

Avrio Logistics Site was built from the ground up, using a custom CMS authored by us in house.

Project summary

Hub Aeon is a new kind of CMS, more powerful than wordpress because it allows for the semantic language of each business. Hub Aeon is A Powerful Framework for Web Application Development that is only available to customers of Aeon Development Group..


SCRATCH? That’s a variable term. In Avrio’s case, we took a long look at modern standards for logistics websites and decided that it’s the perfect canidate for our new CMS (Hub Aeon). Information about the site was gleened through ongoing communications with leadership and management at Avrio. Content creation, User Inferface Design, front end design, back end integration, and more - we worked with the agile development cycle.

Logo re-structure and photo digital illustrations

Content over Design

Analysis of needs

Analysis of competition

Streamline information

Writing and Storytelling

Architecture and Scripting, UXI

Clean, modern interface built around informative approach.

Structural design of information environments

Structural design of information in mySQL

Advanced mySQL filter creation

Intelligent structure of navigation systems

Connecting systems through integration

Back end development in PHP

Animations in Hype

Responsive design is a cornerstone of our approach. Screens vary and the message must sustain and adapt across a multitude of variations.

Your customer’s connect through their mobile devices. We make this a seamless process.


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