We Build Software That Harnesses the Power of Your Data.  Safe, Secure, Reliable Deployment.  Your data is with you everywhere you need it to be.


FileMaker Development

We build custom applications designed around your business rules. Agile, evolving apps that grow with you.

Business Process Consultants

We work closely with you to build solutions for your companies specialized needs.

Platform Development

Aeon Development Group builds software for multiple industries. 

Web Development

We build web applications. Full stack. We connect and integrate web data with systems.

filePro Conversions

We convert filePro Systems into modern structures you can extract data from easily.

Expert Witness

Our prowess has helped clients win court cases.
filePro Conversions
Getting access to your data and the ability to generate reports for your customers and staff are so important. filePro does not offer easy GUI options. We can review your current application and discuss options for improvement with you.

Our suggestion will be to redesign your application in FileMaker Pro. We can Integrate your information with 3rd party applications and services.

Systems Migration
Excel to FileMaker and Beyond! Excel is everywhere. Are you ready to take your data to the next level? There may be redundancies in the workflow.

Your employees deserve better systems to manage your data, and you deserve the transparency that FileMaker can provide. Contact us today and we can elevate your data!

Web Development
Aeon DG provides a full range of Web Development. We integrate FileMaker with a variety of websites, through a wide range of technologies. We do full stack development, building php/mySQL solutions for e-commerce and a wide variety of other applications.
Expert Witness
We’ve helped our clients in court. Our expertise in technical fields, ranging from filePro development to email authentication provides you with the confidence you need to win your case.