Robin L. OShell

R. Leah O'Shell is a Business Process Consultant, Software Engineer, Product/Project Manager, Developer, Systems Analyst, and Information Architect. She founded Aeon Media in 2004 after completing a BA in Communications at William Paterson University. Her responsibilities include leading the ConnexAeon and Flow Aeon platforms, as well as being the sole engineer for the Hub Aeon platform and an active engineer for LMX Systems. She is a lifetime member of the Media Communications Association - International.

Sydney M. Shackelford

Sydney M. Shackelford is an experienced Business Process Consultant and developer. With 25 years of experience designing and building software systems, Shackelford has built a diverse range of systems. Her vast experience in the logistics industry enabled her to build LMX Systems from the ground up. She serves as the lead engineer for LMX systems, and she handles hardware and networking needs.